How to Enable the Black Theme and Night mode in VLC for Android

One of the cool features about VLC for Android is the ability for you to choose the interface and make it dark or light according to your preference. The options allow you to switch to a dark mode that’s on all the time and there’s also a day and night mode. The day and night mode switches between light and dark themes automatically, depending on the time. It’s a great feature if you are using this player around the clock. Night owls will find it useful when they’re using the app during night time.

Enable the Black Theme

To enable the black theme for VLC’s interface:

  • Tap on the hamburger  ☰ Menu
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Interface present under Extra Settings
  • Go to DayNight mode
  • You have 4 options-
    1. Follow system mode: Android will choose it for you)
    2. DayNight mode: Light theme during the morning and day and dark during the night
    3. Light theme: It will have the light theme always
    4. Dark theme: The dark theme will be the default one
      Day and Night Mode in VLC

This is how the dark theme looks like.

Dark Theme Preview in VLC

You will notice that everything (menu bar, background etc) are now dark. It’s dark grey everywhere. It will stay till you turn the same option off. So, black everywhere 24/7 in VLC.

DayNight Mode

The second one in the options could be the most useful one. That is if your Android device doesn’t have a day night mode on its own. If you prefer to switch between day and night mode (Dark Grey theme vs the Light and Orange theme) automatically, then VLC will do it. It will go dark if it’s night time and will choose the orange theme if it is daytime. The app is smart enough to look at your local clock and do the switching itself.

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