Launch Installer Manually for VLC 3.0.14 Update

The latest version of VLC 3.0.14 is out and like the many versions released, this one too improves on the security issues of the already perfect media player. But while upgrading from VLC 3.0.12+, a strange popup appears that says we have to launch the installer manually after the download completes. Why it is happening is because the team messed up something on their last release. However, we can easily find the installer in the temporary folder to launch it so that VLC is upgraded. Before, upgrading VLC only required clicking on yes on the update download prompt. Then the installer would download and launch automatically. But for once, we have to foray into the temporary downloads folder and open up the upgrading file manually. It’s an easy process which an be achieved with a few click. This post will show you how do launch the installer manually for a VLC Update.

Step 1: Getting the Update Notification

The first thing we should do is get a prompt that asks us whether we want to update VLC. It happens automatically for the most of us. The application automatically checks for the update once every two weeks. The settings for this is present in Tools > Preferences > Privacy / Network Interaction > ☑ Activate updates notifier.

VLC Update Prompt

If the notification does not show on its own then click on Help > Check for Updates. It will look up for the latest update and display a VLC media player updates prompt.

Step 2: Downloading the Update Installer

After you get the update prompt, it reads something along the line of

The upgrade you are doing will not launch the installer, because of a bug from our team. We are extremely sorry about that.

You will need to manually launch from your temp folder after the download.

This upgrades fixes security issues in the updater and in the application. Please update.

The last line highlights how important it is to upgrade. However, they just tell us to launch it from our temp folder. Some people might not know where it is and how to do it.

So, download the update installer by hitting on Yes.

Downloading VLC Update

The progress bar will show how much of the installer is downloaded. Once it is complete, it disappears and nothing happens. This is when we should access the temp folder to launch the installer vlc-3.0.14.exe.

Step 3: Locating the Upgrade File

Now, we head on to the temporary folder in Windows. The quickest method to do it is, hit Windows Key + R or just press on the Windows Key/Start Button.

Temp Folder

Input %tmp% or %temp%. Either one works. Hit Enter to open the folder.

Run Temp Folder

After you hit enter, a folder like C:\Users\<yourlogin>\AppData\Local\Temp will open.

Locating the Update File

Don’t be overwhelmed by the massive number of files and folders in there. Your goal is to find the vlc-3.0.14.exe file. You can either search the folder or sort it by Date modified. Your latest files will be on top so you can access the installer.

Step 4: Installing the Upgrade

Double click on the vlc-3.0.14.exe file. Give it admin privileges. The installer will show on screen. Hit Next. Choose upgrade VLC using previous settings or Change settings (Advanced), if you want to install with modifications. Hit Next again. The installer will close VLC if it is still running. The progress bar will show the upgrade process. Once done, run VLC as you hit Finish.

The latest version of VLC will be running on your screen. To confirm it, go to Help > About and you will see a version number like 3.0.14. Hopefully, the next update won’t require these manual steps.

22 thoughts to “Launch Installer Manually for VLC 3.0.14 Update”

  1. Hey, thank you! I didn’t know how to find the temp folder. As other commenters here have noted, I wish that VLC had provided instructions themselves, but since they didn’t, I appreciate you filling in the gap here, it’s kind of you!!

  2. why don’t they just put “C:\Users\”YourUser”\AppData\Local\Temp” in the error message so that people don’t have to come to this page even after receiving a message. God, there are so many desingers who don’t deserve the money they make in this world

  3. After one year, I finally realized it wasn’t updating, so I decided to look it up. That was wacky, but gotta luv that VLC. Using free since circa 2005! (Barely used the app in three years. Watching video content may be hazardous to your health and has been a proven factor in the wholesale destruction of my civilization.)

  4. Thanks for this article, it was helpful. However, I wish the VLC upgrade utility offered the option to pick your own location to download the installer.

  5. Thank you for the clear explanation. This does seem to have worked but as others have suggested it’s disappointing the popup from VLC didn’t offer a similar explanation – I imagine most users would have had no idea how to install it without advice like yours.

  6. Maybe provide a link to download the update file? I’ve clicked “yes” to download muiltiple times, but it isn’t in my temp folder.

      1. I’m having the same problem (and I’m computer-savvy enough to have found the folder myself). The info provided by that link is useless. We need a link (on this page) to download the file to the location of our choice.

  7. Why not put a link to these instructions in that original popup? I bet less than 5% of people will know where the “temp” folder is, and that’s really all you give us. Maybe spend less of that screen space apologizing for the mistake and more of it instructing the user on next steps.

  8. Thank you for the article. Helped me locate the folder where the new vlc-3.0.14-win64.exe was located. VLC could have at least provided the path to the where the app gets downloaded to…

  9. Thank you so much for this. I kept downloading it, but I could never find it and do the update! This was so helpful.

    1. me too. i kept expecting it to act like all the other updates, it did not. Nor did it “close and install” when that dialogue box appeared and i clicked “yes” to it..

  10. Explains well but not too helpful. Windows 10 informed me it was deleting the file in temp due to missing certificate.

  11. Oh, thankyou for this, I tried numerous things but couldn’t find anything that indicated it was what I was looking for, So i’m really pleased I came across this info, easily sorted in just a few seconds. Again big thanks, Lynne Hampson

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