VLC 2.1.2 Released

The latest version of VLC Media Player has yet again been updated. The latest version number now is 2.1.2. This is just a minor update to the last one, which was VLC MediaPlayer 2.1.1. This update has been specially targeted towards fixing some audio bugs and updating the translations.

If you are already a VLC Media Player user, then you have probably gotten this update notification. The notification shows up once you run VLC Media Player. If you want to force the notification or check for the latest updates manually then just click on Help > Check for Updates. You will  be given an option to update your VLC. When you go ahead with it, you will be downloading an installer. This installer will easily update your VLC Media Player to the latest version.


This second minor release has the following notable updates:

  • Fixed numerous bugs and errors. Most of those fixes are related to Audio devices management and SPDIF on Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Vimeo and Dailymotion parsing has been fixed. Playing web videos with VLC has been facilitated even more.
  • A language option can now be seen on the MAC OS X interface.
  • The installer of VLC has also been improved. The running VLC process is now killed when you begin to uninstall or update the software.
  • Around 30 languages has been updated. Multilingual VLC software is now even more better.
  • Several other crashes and responsiveness issues fixed.
  • To see the whole change log, click here.

Update to the latest VLC Media Player to receive the best of the latest.

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