How to View and Edit ID3 Audio Tags Using VLC

If you want to view and edit ID3 audio or MP3 tags in VLC Media Player, then it has been really made simple. The quickest way to view/edit it is by using the CTRL + I shortcut key on your PC or by navigating to Tools > Media Information. It brings up a simple pop up where you can view all the information like MP3 song title, artist, album, date, genre, track number, now playing, publisher, copyright, encoded by, comments and album art. You can simply view or input your own values in the text fields of these corresponding metadata information.

ID3 tags allow you to view different information about a song and it is primarily used by MP3 files exclusively. Song information like artist, album etc. are stored in the MP3 file itself. It is used by different players in different ways. For example: In VLC, you can see the “Artist – Song Title” data used in the title bar of the Player.

If you navigate to your playlist [CTRL +L] and view it as a detailed list, then all the metadata information is visible. The same feature can be seen in Windows Explorer as well. One quick perk of this information within VLC playlists is that it allows you to sort your MP3 files according to the ID3 tags helping you play the songs that you want in a certain order.

The steps to access and edit ID3 audio tags are quite simple, but here are the steps with screenshots:

Go to Tools > Media Information.

Current Media Information

The screen shown above will pop up. View and edit from here. Close the window and what you entered will be saved automatically.

Note: To edit album art, right click on the picture or VLC icon in the bottom-right corner of the Media Information screen.

12 thoughts to “How to View and Edit ID3 Audio Tags Using VLC”

  1. On mac OS X 10.13.4, VLC v3.0.8, What I enter into ‘Genre’ now appears as album and every file I open the Metadata for, shows now the album entered on the last edit! This is likely a bug.

  2. VLC saves ID3 tags in V1 and V2.4 format. Is there a way to configure VLC to save them in V2.3 format and/or respect the original format when editing an existing tag so that a vanilla Windows explorer can display the tags ?

  3. yea, my id3 tags didn’t work i changed all setting to read and write. it still doesn’t save! I think it has something to do with iTunes or something ? I’m on a mac wrunning Yosemite 10.10.5

  4. How do you do this for all the songs at once? I tried Ctrl+A, but no dice. I had to do each song individually, major time-suck

  5. I have tried downloading the cover art using VLC. Not being able to check what the destination folder is – or find it by looking in likely candidates, I looked through VLC preferences but cannot find where the destination folder can be changed.

    1. The cover art and other ID3 tags are saved in the media file itself. You should see an increase in the size of the media file after you add the cover art.

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