Pause or Resume Playback Options in VLC for Android

VLC for Android has different options to control what happens when your media playing experience is interfered by a call, a headset insertion or when you exit the player manually. You can choose whether to continue your media immediately after the interference or you can make it so that you will have to do it manually. Also, there’s an option to continue media from the last position if you exited the player on your own. These fine tuning sections are there to help improve your experience of watching videos and playing music on your phone.

This post will take you through such options/settings on resuming playback experience.

Resume Playback After a Call

So, VLC for Android is for smartphones and tablets. If your smart device has a sim card on it, then you might get phone calls from time to time. VLC will automatically pause the video (muting the sound as well). This allows you to talk on the phone without getting disturbed. But when you disconnect the phone line after the conversation ends, what do you prefer to happen to the currently playing media?

You can allow it to be paused

You can configure it to continue playing automatically

It all depends on your preference. This post is about helping you configure what happens when a call comes while you are playing media in VLC for Android. It is a simple option actually.

And here is how you access it:

  • Click on the ☰ Menu
  • Tap on Settings
  • Hit the Interface option under Extra settings
  • Check/Uncheck the Resume playback after a call option

If it is checked, it will continue playback automatically after a call ends. Otherwise, it will stay in pause and you will have to continue the video manually.

When you Insert a Headset

You’re listening to your favorite song on your phone’s speaker and then, you decide to insert your headphones. Do you want the song to continue to play? Or do you want it to pause first and you will hit play when you’re properly geared with your headset?

For the headset options, go to:

  • First ☰ Menu > Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Audio under Extra settings.
  • Under Headset, check or uncheck the Resume on headset insertion.
  • Make sure the Detect headset checkbox above it is activated.

The options are self-explanatory but when happens is when it is checked, the audio will continue to play when a headset is inserted. Otherwise, the audio will pause after you plug in your earphones and you will have to hit play once again.

Ask Confirmation to Resume after Exiting VLC

If you are watching a lengthy movie and you cannot do it in one setting then there is an option to resume for you. This confirmation to resume media option will allow you continue your playback from your last position.

Here are the steps:

  • Click on ☰ Menu > Settings
  • Tap on Video under Extra settings
  • Under Controls check (or uncheck) Ask confirmation to resume option.
    Ask Confirmation to Resume

15 thoughts to “Pause or Resume Playback Options in VLC for Android”

  1. “you might get phone calls from time to time. VLC will automatically pause the video (muting the sound as well)”
    Is there a way to avoid this and have VLC playing while the phone is ringing, unless I decide to actually answer the call?

    1. When the phone rings it does everything it can to remove all the sounds and videos playing. So, it is not possible to do what you are saying.

  2. Not having the ability to resume audio where it left off is such a drag having to start and skip to where you think you might have been Please Consider adding this simple feature.

  3. What about resuming playback for AUDIO? Like when you are listening to a 2+ hour audio book and you don’t want to have to start from the beginning every time? (My case right now). Is this an option on VLC android?

  4. I use VLC on my phone to play videos with lyrics and tracks while I perform singing and playing my guitar. PROBLEM….I create playlists, but do not want the next song to just start playing after the current one finishes. I want it to go back to the list so I can manually choose which song I want to perform next. Like it would if I was using my laptop with VLC. Am I missing a feature. ALSO, when I manually stop a song, and exit back to the list, the next time I choose the song that I interrupted, it doesn’t start at the “start”, it picks up in the middle of the song where I interrupted it. I’ve tried over and over to fix this by checking the box under “interface” to “not resume” where left off. On certain songs, it seems to ask me if I want to resume or go to the start, but not on all songs. HELP, and thank you.

        1. You have a very valid point there. Audiobooks are really long and a resume function would be very helpful.

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