VLC app in Microsoft Store for Windows Devices

VLC is available in almost all modern platforms like Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone, & iPad (Apple Devices) and across several Linux distribution. It was always available in Windows as standalone software. However, with the incorporation of app stores in modern platforms, every operating system has one or several app markets. These markets host native application for their respective operating systems. The Windows Operating System also has an application distribution marketplace called Microsoft Store (formerly known as Windows Store). It is not to be confused with the Microsoft Store featuring products like laptops and Office 365. This is more of a Windows Apps hosting platform. VLC is provided as a standalone app in the Windows Apps gallery presented at the Microsoft Store.

The VLC ported to the Windows universal platform is not as powerful as the classic VLC we know. It is a simplified version which doesn’t support DVD and Bluray playback. However, it is still a universal media player supporting all known video and audio formats. This app is as good as the windows software for playing video/audio hosted on your computer’s hard drive or USB drive.

Downloading VLC Windows app in Microsoft Store

There are two versions of VLC presented as a Windows app. One is for desktop and laptop devices. The other one is for Windows 10 powered phones. Pick your download accordingly. You can search the Microsoft Store in your device to locate the right app. The Windows laptop/desktop app is just titled VLC. The one for smartphones is titled VLC for Windows Phone.

Installing in Desktop/Laptop Computers with Microsoft Store

  • Hit the Start button in your system
  • Type Microsoft Store or locate it there to click on it.
    Microsoft Store via Start Button
  • On the search bar, type VLC Media Player.
  • Under the heading Apps, click on the one that says VLC.
  • Click on Install.

The app will download shortly and will be installed in your system. To run it, you can access it from the start menu again. Don’t get it confused with the classic VLC Media Player.

Different Windows VLC Apps

Using the VLC App

Once you launch the app, you will discover that it is a dumbed down version fo the all so power VLC Media Player. The player will scan for media after you launch it. On the main screen or the dashboard, media files will be listed. You can click on them to play.

Here is how it looks like.

VLC Windows App

Even though it has a simple interface, it will still support all video and audio formats. The interface and features are simple enough to get used to.

On the top are tabs which allow switching between Videos, Music, Browse and Network.

  • Videos are for playing video files. It further categorizes your media as videos, shows and camera roll.
  • Music is for your MP3 and other audio files. I can list your files by Artists, Albums, Songs, and Playlists. You can also sort by artist, date or album in ascending and descending order.
  • Browse allows you to browse the local library–music, videos, and pictures. You can also browse your local network through here. There’s also an open file feature which is for browsing and locating media files via the windows browse interface.
  • Network gives us the freedom to open files that are on the internet. Enter an HTTP link to open and stream files directly.

Overall, the VLC app from the Windows Store is a medium grade app for playing your media files. It supports everything with a basic minimal interface. It has a whole host of settings to enhance your playback experience. It is not as powerful as the old VLC Media Player which should be used on laptops and desktops. But if you have a touchscreen device and want to simply tap and play, use this app.

4 thoughts to “VLC app in Microsoft Store for Windows Devices”

  1. My laptop runs windows 11 S version So cant run the full VLC media player without ‘breaking’ the security.. Pity the app is not as full as the ‘normal’ download!

  2. Network streaming does not work. For example, live streams from WNYC FM do not play. VLC says “did not find any elements here.”

  3. The current version of VLC says it does not support DVD. Do you have an option for Windows 10 users to format video for DVD?

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