Controls and Settings for VLC App in Windows 10

The last time, we discussed how VLC was available as a standalone app for Windows 10’s Microsoft Store. It is a basic app that supports every media format out there and is suitable for Windows 10 powered smart devices as well as laptops and desktops. It has features like opening videos and music from local as well as network and online sources. The interface groups all media that it can find in an easy to navigate format.

After you open a video on the VLC App for Windows 10, there are a few interesting control options and features available for us. It is displayed on the bottom part of the screen.

Controls for VLC App in Windows 10

VLC Media Controls When a Media is Open

Here is a discussion of all those control buttons beginning from the left.

  • Lock/Unlock: Locking and unlocking the controls so that we can watch videos without any interference.
  • Loop: Loop the current video after it ends. It will repeat the playback from the beginning.
  • Resize Player: The player will be resized to a smaller one. Double click on the small player to bring it back to full screen.
  • FullScreen: Hit this button to watch your video in full screen.
  • Previous/Play/Next: Switch the tracks between next and previous. Also, play and pause the current track.
  • Subtitles & Audio
    • Open Subtitle: Open up a subtitle that is locally available.
    • Subtitles: Gives you the option to choose a subtitle or download it from the internet.
    • Audio Tracks: Choose an audio track if there are multiple of those available.
  • Player Settings
    • Zoom: Choose between best fit, fit screen, fill, 16:9, 4:3, original and 2.35:1 aspect ratio.
    • Speed: Pick a playback speed between 0.5x to 2x.
    • Audio delay: Delay the audio by -3s to 3s.
    • Subtitle delay: Delay the subtitle by -3s to 3s.
  • Volume: Increase or decrease the volume for the current playback.

VLC Windows App’s Settings

On the main interface, at the bottom-right corner, you will see three dots ⋯ which will give you access to additional options. Click or tap on it and these three settings will appear.

  • Search: Gives us the option to search for music or videos.
  • About the app: Displays the information about the present version of the app.

The majority of the app’s settings are available in ‘Settings’. They are grouped as User Interface, Video Settings, and Music Settings.

User Interface

User Inteface Settings

  • Theme: Pick a light or dark mode. Choose a color for theme.
  • Language: Pick a language like English, Japanese, Spanish for the app.
  • External Storage: How should VLC react when external storages are connected. It will ask you by default.
  • Homepage: Pick between videos, music or browse in the main interface.
  • Clear save credentials: Clear all the saved credentials.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Has a list of keyboard shortcuts. It’s different than default VLC’s shortcuts.
    • F – Toggle fullscreen
    • Escape – Leave fullscreen
    • Space – Pause Toggle
    • Add – Faster playback
    • Subtract – Slower playback
    • Execute – Normal playback rate
    • N – Next track
    • P – Previous track
    • S – Stop playback
    • Q – Quit
    • Back – back or goback
    • CTRL + Add – Volume up
    • CTRL + Subtract – Volume down
    • M – Mute
    • B – Change audio track
    • V – Change subtitle
    • CTRL + O – Open a file
    • CTRL + N – Open from network
    • CTRL + Tab – Tab next
    • Shift + CTRL + Tab – Tab Previous

Video Settings

Video Settings

  • Video Folders: Add a limited list of folders for VLC to search for video files.
  • Hardware Decoding: Turn this option on or off.
  • Force Landscape: Turn it off to also allow portrait display support.
  • Play video in the background: If it is on the video will continue to play when you switch to other apps. Otherwise, it will pause.
  • Use windows 10 pip: Use the player in player mode available in Win 10.
  • System: Pick between UTF-8, ISO-8859-15, and others.

Music Settings

Music Settings

  • Equalizer: Use the equalizer sliders or pick a preset. It’s like the one we get in the Android app.
  • Music folder: Limit the app to certain folders for music files.
  • Notifications: Turn it on or off.
  • Connect to Provide user credentials to connect to this service.
  • Reset and reset music database

12 thoughts to “Controls and Settings for VLC App in Windows 10”

  1. So, how do I go back to a previous version? I hate this version of VLC – very difficult to use. I can’t figure out how to check for updates, I can’t figure out how to make a playlist. Who thought this was a good idea to take away features that were already easy to use?

  2. I have a SP6 running Windows 10, recently installed the latest version of VLC why can’t I see the elapsed time / progress bar whenever I play an mp3 audio file? ( if it’s a video, it will show up) since the file is more than an hour long and doesn’t resume when I play it back where I left off…

  3. I love VLC one one thing hate about is every time play a new video I have to go video to set it for full seen and reopen vidio the set the restitution to 16 x 9

  4. Hello, is there a way (in the settings) to make the default Zoom ‘original’? Because I have a lot of old video files with bad resolution and the player always opens them in ‘Best Fit’ which means everything is blurry until I set the Zoom size back to ‘original’ manually. Going through a lot of files one after another and always having to do so is quite bothersome, to be honest, so I’m wondering if there is a simpler way that I just haven’t found yet.

  5. Yes several windows media will not play it. To play it I had to purchase a DVD play in Japan. North American DVD player will not them. It has something to do which country you live in America DVDs will not play in Japan, Korea and any other eastern country unless you have a DVD play from that area. The odd part i don’t understand that it will play using VLC I can hear the music, but not the talking.

  6. I have a question last year I purchase star Trek DVDs while I was in Japan I use I downloaded the VLC program to play it on my laptop. It work great. Once I got back to America the movie started acting weird. I already had VLC program on my PC even updated it. Here is the weird part when I try to play the same Star Trek DVD I purchase the movie started off good. After 5 mins into the move the sound went crazy I could here the music in the background, but I could not here them talk. I clean the DVD also clean my DVD player I still get the same problem. I know this sound weird could you explain the reason why this is happening?

    1. Have you tried it through other media players? If the same problem is repeated in other players then there is a problem in the DVD (either the disk or the player).

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