3 Ways to Install VLC Media Player in Ubuntu Linux

VLC supports a number of Linux distros officially and Ubuntu is one of them. There are a number of ways VLC Media Player can be installed in Ubuntu Linux. The simplest way is to use the utility called Ubuntu Software Center which will install VLC for the Snap Store. Terminal or command line users can also use the Linux terminal to install VLC Media Player. Users who prefer the traditional deb packages can install it with APT. No matter where the application is obtained for, it is free, doesn’t have any ads and plays almost every video and audio media file that is presented to it. This post is your guide to install VLC in the Ubuntu distro that you use.

Method 1: Installing VLC Using Ubuntu Software Center

  • Click on the Show Applications button.
  • Search/locate Ubuntu Software and open it.
  • Click the search button 🔎 on the top right and search for VLC. Alternatively, click and navigate to Audio & Video and locate VLC.
  • Click on Install and authorize it with your password (if required).Installing Ubuntu in VLC Software Manager

The application will download and install on your Ubuntu machine.

Now, you can easily locate and launch VLC from the application list.

Quick Tip: A shortcut to open up the VLC install page would be to go to Show Applications and type VLC in the search bar. You can quickly reach the install page for VLC from the search results.

Method 2: Using Linux Terminal to Install VLC in Ubuntu

  • Click on Show Applications.
  • Search for and launch Terminal.
  • Type the command: sudo snap install VLC.
  • Provide the sudo password for authentication.
  • VLC will be downloaded and installed automatically.Installing VLC from the Terminal

Method 3: Using Advanced Package Tool (or APT) for Ubuntu

  • Open apt://vlc in a web browser
  • Click on Open link under the Launch Application dialog
  • Click on Install in the Install additional software dialog
  • Authenticate with your login password

VLC will start to download and install in Ubuntu

These were the three methods to downlaod and install VLC Media Player for Ubuntu Linux. If you want to remove the application from your system, then go the the Ubuntu Software utility and locate VLC. Then, you can easily remove it.

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  1. its not the version JG questions. It is the way crappy snap system installs. JG is correct.! At later stage you will not wake up PC quite often and it always related to VLC

  2. Thanks for the simple guide got it set up in no time, VLC is truly the best video player. Could you update the post to mention snapd as without it the command won’t work to install the player.

      1. VLC in capitals would be incorrect if you just copy/paste, JG was right, should be lowercase on webpage above.

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