How to Loop a part of a Video or Audio in VLC Media Player Continuously

Let’s say that there is a clip or a couple of seconds/minutes in a video or audio that needs to be played through continously in a loop in VLC Media Player. The player can easily end a video and start from the very beginning. But what we are trying to achieve is looping through a media file and the clip that is required to be played repeatedly is somewhere in the middle of a lengthy video or audio. What we need to do to achieve this goal is use the A to B loop feature in VLC Media Player.

Mark a starting position A, then define the ending position B which are both somewhere in the middle of VLC’s timeline. Then loop from A to B continuously unless you hit stop or exit the loop. This feature allows us to watch a portion of a video again and again. In terms of audio, it is for listening (and understanding) an isolated part by repeatedly playing it.

The A to B looping feature control button is available in the Advanced Controls. Bring up the advanced controls first and then the starting and ending position within a media file can be defined.

A to B Looping in VLC

Here are the steps to loop a video/audio’s portion indefinitely in VLC Media Player:

  • Click on View > Advanced Controls
  • Navigate the timeline to where you want the loop to begin
  • Click and set point A
  • Move the play head to the loop’s end
  • Click the same button to set point B
  • The loop will start and play from A to B.

Now, you can watch or play the media from point A to point be indefinitely. To stop the loop, simply press the same Loop button again. The Stop button can also be played to exit the video completely.

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8 thoughts to “How to Loop a part of a Video or Audio in VLC Media Player Continuously”

  1. It seems, it is not possible to set the point A onto the very first frame. I am using VLC 3.0.12 for Windows, and it works after I press the “frame by frame” button once – but only then.

  2. AB loop is ruining my experience. Everytime I play a video it starts from the middle point then repeats from there. I am trying to deactivate it and there is no way to know if it is or isn’t. THIS IS DRIVING ME INSANE. I don’t need this feature!!!! I need it to go away if it is this problematic!

        1. how do you loop the entire video on an Android device?
          I am on Android and don’t see the player, like on my desktop computer where Loop is a toggle icon next to “random play”

  3. I’m trying to get VLC for chromebook to loop. It has an AB setting but it Completely non-intuitive. I’ve tried everything and can’t get it to loop.

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