Choosing, Scanning and Browsing Media Library in VLC for Android

Once you’ve installed VLC Media Player on your Android phone, the app scans for all the media on your phone. The main dashboard displays all the video files found on your device. It groups them in a certain order. But what if you want to exclude certain videos from certain folders? They could be private videos. They could be undesired videos. And you just want to remove them from the first screen of the app. For that, you can go to the Media library folders option and select directories to include and exclude in your player’s library.

To choose what is shown in the media library:

  • Click the ☰ Menu (those three lines on the top-left).
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Select Media library folders.

Browse, Choose and Scan Media in VLC

At first, you will see that all your memory (Internal and External) is selected. That means everything is included. Tap on the root folder like internal memory and browse through the folders. A check on them means that they are included.

First, uncheck the root folder like “Internal memory”. Browse inside it and choose only your media folders or the folders that you desire. Keep the unwanted files in a separate folder and leave them unchecked.

Turning off and on the Auto rescan

The option to turn off and on the auto re-scan which scans for new media every time is also there. This comes in handy if you do not want the app to look for new video and audio files every time you open the player. But we prefer to leave this option on.

To access this feature:

  • Go to Settings from the ☰ Menu.
  • Check or uncheck the Auto rescan option under Media library.

File Browser in VLC For Android

Since we’re on the topic of scanning media on your device, there’s a related feature that comes with the app. You can use VLC to browse files using the inbuilt file manager. It is accessible through the Hamburger Menu > Directories option. Just tap on the folders to navigate. Use the options button (three dots on the right) to Play or Delete files from that particular folder or just that file.

If you want to view the hidden files as well then,

  • Head on to ☰ Menu > Settings > Extra Settings > Advanced.
  • Check the Show hidden files option.

6 thoughts to “Choosing, Scanning and Browsing Media Library in VLC for Android”

  1. Hi VLC peeps! With the latest android VLC version we lost the function of seeing hidden folders. Yes, we can see the hidden files, but if the files reside in a hidden folder – it can’t be seen. Can you please rectify this?
    Thanks! 🙂

  2. Any idea how we can add files external to the android device, is thru samba? Adding a named directory like “smb://THETHE/audio” results in an error ‘directory path doesn’t exist’

  3. I don’t want it ti scan my whole device when I first start it up.
    I would like to limit it to certain folders right there

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