How to Install VLC on Chromebook (Chrome OS)

Chromebooks powered by Chrome OS are a special breed of lightweight computers that can perform basic tasks that most of us seek in a simple laptop. One of those tasks is to play video files. While the inbuilt video player is good, we can also use advanced players like VLC for Chrome OS. We can install VLC for Chrome OS from the Chrome apps website. These days, Chromebooks also come with the Android Play Store. So, we can also install the Android version of VLC on our Chromebook. In our opinion, the Android version works better. It is also frequently updated. So, we recommend it. But the native port for VLC for Chromebooks is also there. This post will show how you can install the official VLC port for Chrome OS as well as the Android version of VLC from the Play Store of Chromebooks.

Method 1: Install Chrome OS version of VLC

VLC is a cross-platform multimedia player. So, a native Chrome OS version exists.

VLC for Chromebook

Here are the steps to install it as an extension in Chrome OS:

We can then launch it from the page itself. We can also open all the apps in the menu and see VLC near the end of the grid-list.

VLC App in Chrome OS

Once launched, VLC will open a file browser. Navigate and click on a video file to open it in VLC for Chromebook. As shown in the screenshot above, it is a simple app to play videos.

Method 2: Install VLC for Android in Chromebook

If you want an advanced media player, then VLC for Android is your best bet for Chromebooks. It certainly has more features.

Here are the steps to install VLC for Android in Chromebooks:

  • Open up the Play Store.
  • Search for VLC.
  • Tap on the first cone icon to reach the app page.
  • Click on Install.
  • Confirm your action.

The Android version of the app will be installed in a few moments. You can find and access it from the menu of your Chromebook.

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  1. I’m using VLC for Chromebook OS. Error Message: “Unable to create “New Folder” The file or the directory is not usable.

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