How to Run Multiple Instances of VLC app in Android?

To run multiple instances of VLC Media Player, it is as simple as going to Tools > Preferences and turning off the one instance option. But that is on our desktops. What about Android VLC? Can we run multiple VLC Android apps at one go? Does Android even support multiple instances of the same app? The latest versions of Android can add multiple users, guests, or spaces with different apps installed for a different login user. But that doesn’t mean we can run two versions of the app at the exact same time. It just means we can have two desktops that can be accessed separately. For running two instances of VLC at the same time, we have to make use of special apps.

Now, there are many Android applications that support a “sandbox” feature where we can load up a duplicate of an already installed app. Some of those applications seem to support only apps with logins like Gmail or some social media app. But the one we found called 2Accounts allows us to run two VLC Android applications simultaneously. We just have to put the VLC app in the sandbox area of 2Accounts.

Here are detailed steps to run multiple instances of VLC app in Android:

  • Install the 2Account Android app from the Google Play Store.
  • Open the 2Account Android app from the launcher.
  • Tap on Add more apps (Add apps you want to multiple).
  • Scroll down under other application and select VLC.
  • Tap on Add.
  • On the next screen, click on Enable.
  • Give the Android permissions that it asks for.
  • After giving necessary permissions, access VLC app from the next screen inside 2Accounts.
  • You will be welcomed to VLC like you installed it for the first time.
  • After the welcome screens, you have loaded the second instance of VLC Media Player app for Android.
  • Load the regular VLC app that you have on your home screen.

VLC in 2Accounts

You have successfully loaded two instances of VLC Media Player for Android applications in one device for a single user.

It is not for everyone. But here is a case study we came up from the discussion section of our website-

One of our users accessed their remote IP cameras from the VLC app on their smartphone. They use the Menu > Stream feature to stream the live recording on their smartphone. They have multiple IP cameras running and recording. But they couldn’t access all of them at the same time from the app. But with two instances of VLC running (as shown from the above steps), they can access two streams concurrently.

Now, there are many applications offering the same feature. Most of them limit users to one sandbox area where a duplicate of the app can be stored. In 2Accounts, A VIP app should be purchased for three instances or more. Since this is a rare feature sought by our users, installing another similar application can help launch the third instance. So, please let us know of other apps like 2Accounts that help provides the double experience in the comments below.

3 thoughts to “How to Run Multiple Instances of VLC app in Android?”

  1. I was struggling with the “Can’t Run Multiple Instances…” issue – until I cleared history and did a forced-abort. Next time I launched VLC it asked if I wanted to continue playing whatever it was that I was listening to before. It seems that VLC thought I was trying to play my previous track *PLUS* the new track that I wanted to listend to. *WTF*?!? While it is elegant that VLC is adding the ability to have multiple instances, multiple users etc. I respectfully submit that few utilize that ability. This annoyance (presumably) can be eliminated if one instance, one user, tries to play a *NEW* track, then VLC should abandon trying to play the *OLD* track.

  2. I love VLC, but surely there is a way you could apply the single/multiple instance button to the app. I mean it’s not like today’s phones can’t handle a whole bunch of files playing simultaneously.

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