How to Download and Install VLC for Mobile in iPhone/iPad/iOS

VLC is available everywhere. Now, we can easily download and install VLC on our iPhone and other Apple devices like the iPad. Since the release of the version 3.0 of this amazing application, its support was extended from computers/laptops to mobile and television. To get VLC on Apple devices all we have to do is access the App Store, search for VLC for Mobile and tap on Get to begin the verification and installation process. VLC is completely supported and natively released on the iOS platforms. That means users of Apple device users (iPhone/iPad) will be able to use this universal media player for free. It works on all iOS devices so whether you have an iPhone 10 or an iPhone 12 pro max or an Apple iPad mini, VLC supports it. It is even there for iPod touch. VLC supports almost every format of video and media out there. So, it is a great media player to have on your mobile devices whether it is an Android one or if it is powered by iOS. It is also a low profile application as it takes only around 50 MB of disk space on your iPhone/iPad.

This simple tutorial will show you the step-by-step process to download and install VLC for Mobile in an iPhone. The only requirement is that you should have an iOS device (iPhone/iPad), and an apple ID that is already connected with your Apple smartphone. After you have the obvious requirements in place, all it takes is a search and download process to begin the automatic installation of VLC. It is just like installing any other app on your iPhone.

Now, let us begin the step by step installation process of VLC on an iPhone/iPad (with screenshots):

  1. Access the app store from your home screen.
    Access App Store
  2. Hit the Search option present in the bottom right.
    Press Search
  3. Type VLC in the search bar and tap to hit search.
    Typing VLC on Search
  4. On VLC for Mobile, tap on Get.
    Get VLC
  5. If requested, punch in your Apple ID Password and Sign-in.
    Apple ID Password
  6. Click on Install under VLC for Mobile.
    Click on Install
  7. Verify the installation request with Face ID if required.

Wait for the installation to complete. After a few moments, you can access the application from the home screen. VLC will ask you the permission to access your local network. Hit on OK to give it access as it will allow you to stream media to and from the devices on your local network. Now, all we have to do is populate the media library with videos and audios. Then we can access the application anytime to play Video, Audio or even access playlists and streaming media from the network. All you do is switch to the various tabs present in the bottom of the app. There you will see Video, Audio, Playlists, Network and Settings. Tap on them to navigate and use this amazing media player.

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