How to Disable or Enable VLC Santa Hat Holiday Icon?

It is that time of the year again. With the holidays coming up, VLC shows a Santa hat on top of its regular traffic cone logo. Some people may like it but others might want to remove the Santa Hat holiday icon that VLC displays automatically. It is a fairly simple change in advanced settings. We just have to disable the Allow automatic icon changes checkbox in the Advanced Settings > Interface > Main Interfaces > Qt. It is enabled by default. After unchecking it, a restart can clear off the Santa hat from the traffic cone icon. This is how you remove the holiday logo in VLC Media Player. To enable it, we make sure the same option is checked.

VLC Player with Santa Hat

For the detailed steps, please read below on how you can disable (or enable) the Santa Hat Holiday Icon in VLC Media Player:

  1. Go to Tools > Preferences [CTRL + P].
  2. Under Show setting (bottom-left) click All to display Advanced Preferences.
  3. Expand and navigate to Advanced Settings > Interface > Main Interfaces > Qt.
  4. Uncheck the ☐ Allow automatic icon changes to disable the holiday icon.
  5. Hit Save.

Checking off the Santa Hat

Now, cross off the player to close it. Open it again. As you have restarted the software, you will notice that the holiday icon has disappeared. There will just be a regular cone icon on the screen.

To bring it back up, you will have to follow the same steps (1-5) again. To activate it, we check the ☑ Allow automatic icon changes option. It is a simple change to make the VLC icon look as per your desire.

5 thoughts to “How to Disable or Enable VLC Santa Hat Holiday Icon?”

  1. as the menu was changed, the setting for this is now loaceted somewhere else.
    (or is it just on macos?)
    settings – show all – interface – main interface – macosx
    uncheck the box ( ) “allow aoutomatic icon changes”
    (restart vlc to take effect)

  2. Automatic icon change should be opt-IN rather than opt-OUT. Users who DO want it should have to turn it ON, rather than requiring users who DON’T want it to turn it OFF.

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