Downloading and Installing VLC Media Player on Android Devices

It is a really welcoming news to find out that VLC media player is available for Android devices. You can easily get and install VLC media player app from the Play Store. The official app is titled VLC for Android and is developed by Videolabs. It is available as a free download for all Android devices. Users can play almost all multimedia or video and audio files with this player. It can also stream from the network and play DVD ISOs.

This video player is also a full featured audio player. All the features of a music player like audio database, equalizers and filters for it are there. Moreover, this powerful video and audio player is completely advertisement free. There are other Android audio/video players like MX player but it is supported by ads. If you are interested, you can search for the app at the Play Store for Android and install it.

VLC App For Android Screenshot

To install VLC media player on your Android phone, tablet or phablet follow these steps:

  1. Open the Play Store app in your Android device.
  2. Search for “VLC Media Player” or just click on this link to reach VLC Media Player at the Play Store.
  3. Tap on install and the installation process begins. Once the required file is downloaded to your device, it is installed automatically.
  4. You will find the “Cone” icon of VLC media player in your home screen (if it was automatically placed there by your launcher). The icon will also be in your app drawer with the name “VLC”.
  5. Click on the cone in your Android phone/tablet and VLC Media Player will launch.
    Note: You can also open media files directly with this player. For that tap on a media file and choose the app VLC Media Player to open the file.

Enjoy the great features that includes playing every type of video and audio formats, playlists to better organize your multimedia content, easy video/audio navigation with touch/swipe/slide controls for changing brightness, seeking and volume controls. There are even ways to browse through individual directories to locate multimedia files exclusively and you will definitely enjoy online video streams in this standalone player.

16 thoughts to “Downloading and Installing VLC Media Player on Android Devices”

  1. VLC for android is gone from my Sony Bravia x850G afte i installed it for few hours, then it cannot be downloaded and installed again.

  2. I uninstalled the VLC for Android from my TV box and it doesn’t seem to want to download again from the Play store…endless looping of the install symbol that doesn’t finish. Any tips?

    1. You install from the play store. Otherwise, you need to download the apk. And you can transfer using any medium once you have the APK. But you need to give the necessary permissions for the standalone file to be able to install in your device.

  3. Can I download and use this app using my Sony 4K (not very) “intelligent” TV?
    My objective is to play endless loop of the videos that I have made and watch via USB flash drive. (I can watch them now, but the ‘intelligent” TV will not repeat, loop or play consecutive videos; you have to start each one manually.) Will the app work for this purpose?

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