VLC for Android, App: Widgets for the Home Screen Mini Player

One way to quickly access VLC for Android to make it play music immediately is by using the app’s widgets. In Android, there are special widgets that can be placed on the home screen that are different than app shortcuts. It loads up a widget called VLC Mini Player. The widget or mini player is accompanied by some basic functionality. With VLC’s widgets, tracks can be played or paused, navigated (forward, next and stop) along with the display of artist and album name and cover. The app has two types of widgets—VLC Dark Widget and VLC White Widget. These types only differ in color and offer the same functionality. It can serve as a great way to access songs and music, quickly.

To add VLC’s widget on your Android smartphone’s or tablet’s home screen:

  • Long press in an empty area of the home screen.
  • Tap the option that says Add widgets.
  • Search for ‘VLC’ or scroll down to reach VLC.
  • Tap on VLC Dark Widget or VLC White Widget.
  • Confirm and give access if the launcher asks for it.
  • Drag the widget and resize it to fit your needs.

VLC Mini Player Widget

Note that the home screen widget is different than the player that displays on the notification slider but it quite similar in functionality. It is a mini player and fits its name.

Using the home screen widget, VLC’s cone icon can be tapped on to launch the VLC Media Player app. If a playlist is already loaded up, the play button can be used to continue it. At first, when the widget is added, the play/pause, forward and next buttons might not respond or do anything. Once the player has a track, playlist or album loaded, those buttons work. The cross button is used to close those currently playing items.

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  1. The timeliness of this article is very auspicious…Maybe this is because my phone, Kyocera E6810, is only running android 7.1.2, but I’m not able to find any VLC widget following the steps above. Is this a hardware/software limitation on my part?

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