VLC for Android, App: How to Add Subtitles to Your Movies

You can add subtitles to your movies playing in VLC for Android either automatically or manually. To download subtitles automatically and load it up straight to your VLC for Android app while watching a movie, you just have to tap on the subtitle option button and then select the Download subtitles option. To load a subtitle file like those ending with .srt, you will have to download it first, then use the same subtitle button on the app and tap on the Select subtitle file option. After that, you just browse your local storage to load up the subtitle file that has the extension like .srt, .sub, .sbv. It is as simple as that. It’s a pretty smart option for your Android smartphone or tablet.

For loading up subtitles in VLC for Desktop: Get Subtitles Automatically for Movies in VLC Media Player

Here are the detailed steps for you to download subtitles automatically while a movie is playing in the VLC for Android app:

  • Open a movie in VLC for Android app.
  • Tap on the screen to bring up the on-screen buttons (if it is not showing already).
  • Tap the second button from the left, between the lock and play button.
  • Tap on Download subtitles.
    Subtitle Options in VLC for Android

Make sure that you are connected to the internet while you try to get the subtitles automatically. When you hit the download subtitles button, VLC Media Player app for Android will look for the closed captions file online. So, you have to be connected for it to search. If it finds the matching file, it will add the captions to the currently playing movie instantly. You will see the on-screen text appear right there which will help you understand the movie better. The second option present there, Select subtitle file, is to browse and load up subtitles locally.

Select Language in Which the Subtitle is Downloaded

You also get an option to choose a language in which the subtitle is downloaded. Now, not everyone wants English text. The Android app can look for subtitles in your preferred language. You can select multiple languages at once.

To select the download language, follow the steps:

  • Open up the Menu ☰
  • Go to ⚙ Settings
  • Scroll down to Extra settings and tap on Subtitles
  • Tap on Subtitles download languages
  • Check the languages that you prefer.
    Subtitle Download Language
  • Hit OK.

Loading Up Subtitles in VLC for Android Manually

Now, it is not always that VLC for Android app can find your subtitles. Sometimes, you will have to download them manually. You can search on google for your movie subtitles. Do it straight on your phone so that once you search, find and download it, it will be saved on your Android device. It’s likely that the .srt file will be saved in your Downloads folder. You might have to extract it first if it is inside a zip file.

To manually load subtitles in VLC for desktop: Loading External Subtitles in VLC Media Player

Once the file is there on your Android phone or tablet, you can load it up in VLC with the help of the following steps:

  • Open your movie in the VLC app.
  • If the on-screen buttons aren’t visible, tap on the screen to bring it up.
  • Tap on the second button from the left to display subtitle options.
  • Click on Select subtitle file.
  • Browse to the location of the .srt/.sub file and open it up.

The subtitles will now be displayed along with your video. Enjoy your movie that is assisted by the on-screen text that you just loaded.

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  1. NAS movies – I used to watch movies on my Sony KD smart TV using VLC for android and my Samsung 9 phone, mirroring them from my NAS. Everything was alright as I have my own srt files in my Disk Station (I often edit the subtitles found on the web as there is plenty of minor errors), but with the latest update it only seems to allow me to look for srt files on my phone or on the web (btw, this second option always tells me that there was a problem with my connection and please retry later). How can I make it use the srt file which is already there in the DiskStation folder, with the same name as the MP4/AVI/MKV file of the movie itself? Aside from downloading each time the srt file on my phone, that is…
    Thanks in advance for the answer.

  2. VLC for Android on Android TV: I stream a movie named 61234 from internet and I do have a local file (on android storage under Subtitles folder) named 61234.srt but when I select it as explained in this article it is asking me “Play as audio”? WTH!?

      1. That’s the name provided from the source; it’s just a name and it is playing just fine. So this is what I’m trying, to manually select subtitle and when I get to the file and select it, is offering 2 options: “Play as audio” or Delete…

        1. Tried everything possible. Never ever worked. Tried manual as well as downloading… No respite….Just doesn’t work!

      2. I have the same issue. It works perfectly fine on my laptop, but on my Nvidia Shield running AndroidTV, it dosn’t..

      3. I am having the same problem, play as audio or delete. And if I try to download a new subtitle it just thinks about it for a bit then stops, no green tick.

    1. Having the same issue pls help very annoying… VLC is d best player for android tv and i cant attach subtitles pls help

    2. Please solve this problem admin. I’m using Bravia smart TV and when adding the subtitle it only has two choices either play as audio or delete. please solve this

  3. I have trouble finding some titles on VLC app it say subtitles not found….but the subtitle for the same movie(same extension) on VLC PC is there.I found that VLC PC dowload subtitles from OpenSubtitles.org .

    Are they using the same site for the VLC app ? Or there is another problem ?

  4. File m2ts include English subtitle. When I add srt with same file name to movie then VLC freeze looping showing logo spinning around forever.

  5. I tried to do for several times….it function good but the problem comes when I tried to auto-rotate the phone to see full screen…the screen become black and subtitle continue with voice without picture.. please I need help

  6. The download does not work. When I tap on download subtitles a list of subtitles for the movie appears but none of them downloads. Tapping on them makes an orange circle appear to the right and it keeps spinning forever

  7. When I click on download subtitles. It brings the subtitles. But when I try to download any of the subtitles. It just roll for some mins. And then it stops. And the subtitle won’t download. I have to download manually with my browser and add it. I don’t know why it’s not downloading automatically. Help please. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and it still won’t download automatically

    1. I do face the exact same issue… I can search for subtitles, but when I click to download one from the list, it rolls few moments then stopped and nothing happens (like nothing at all was downloaded after all)

      1. I have the same issue, facing it on Sony Smart tv. It worked in initial few days but this started facing this issue and has not gone away with re-installing the app

  8. My “select subtitle file” option is not working. So I can’t upload the subtitles. This option is not working for any videos

  9. Hello,
    I have a an issue with the download subtitle button. I tried like 20 different movies and I always receive the “subtitle not found.” I tried with old movies as well, just to be sure. I am using VLC Player on my firestick. Any help will be appreciated.

  10. I downloaded English subtitle for a movie (URI – Hindi movie) and when i sync it with my movie in VLC its not working. Also the forward or rewind option gets disabled when the sub title file is synced

  11. I downloaded the subtitles automatically and checked if its in sync. When I found its all good, I closed the app. After few hours or few days when its time to watch the movies, all subtitles are gone. Was not connected to net. Im using F1 pocophone.

    But this isnt happening with my old Samsung phone even Im not connected to net. Subtitles are still there.

    Does it have to be online while watching for the subtitle to work even if it has been previously downloaded?

  12. Does VLC stream subs to chromecast? I see them on my phone, not on my TV when streaming from my phone to chromecast to TV

    1. If you go to ≡ and then tap on Local Network, you should see the options to stream from the VLC app to your television using chromecast.

  13. When adding subtitles (.srt) manually, is there a way I can make the language show up in the subtitle select menu? The files are named so this works on PC (movie.EN.srt), so it would be nice if I can make them show up with the language instead of Track 1, Track 2 etc.

      1. Shame. Technically, it’s a great app, but there’s a few things like this that make it a little too hard to use for some people, like my parents.

        Is there perhaps a place where I can request features?

  14. Hi
    Thanks for this option . Bit defenetlly is not working i try everything and not work please let me know that to do . If it is that easy just press download and load the subtitle alway say subtitle not found i try a lot of mobies . We can select server to download the subtitles woh works exactlly..?

    Many thanks

    1. Download subtitle is not working. It will display the search results under Download but when you select any from the list it will just load for a few seconds but will never show a check mark to indicate that it was downloaded successfully. Please fix.

  15. Problems – 1.When you are playing Vlc android at network it is not loading subtittles from same folder, same name.
    2.Select subtittle does not have network selection option

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