How to Add Logos/Watermarks over Videos in VLC Media Player

If you want to add a logo or watermark while playing videos in VLC Media Player, then you can just use the available effects and filters. The overlay video effect is what comes into use. This effect will allow you to load a .jpg or .png picture or logo. The position of that logo over the video can be customized. You can also set the transparency of that watermark so that it does not block the currently playing video file. If you like, you can also add a text overlay.

The “Overlay” video effect can be found in VLC Media player under Tools > Effects and Filters > Video Effects > Overlay. You will have to activate it by clicking on check boxes and then you can set the options.

If you need full details to use this feature, here are the steps:

  • In the menu bar, click on Tools > Effects and Filters. [Shortcut: CTRL + E].
    VLC Tools Effects and Filters
  • Click on the tab that says “Video Effects” and then click on “Overlay”.
    Overlay Video Effect
  • Check the “Add Logo” checkbox.
  • Click the three dots besides the logo textbox. Browse and open the overlay image.
  • Use the “Top” and “Left” options to specify the position of the image.
  • Drag the “Transparency” bar from full towards none to increase transparency.
    Overlay Logo Options

If you want to add a text overlay:

  • In Overlay Video effects, check the box that says “Add text”.
  • Input the Text in the available field.
  • From the position dropdown, choose a position like “Left”, “Right”, “Top-Left”, “and Bottom-Left” etc.
    Text Over Video

After you’re satisfied, press the “Close” Button to save your changes.

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  • Make sure you have a .png or .jpg image file to use as a watermark.
  • Open a video file and keep it paused to see the instant preview of the image or text overlay.
  • For text overlay, there are only eight possible positions: Center, Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Top-Left, Top-Right, Bottom-Left and Bottom-Right.
  • There are no transparency options for text overlay.

Making the Edits Permanent

The logos, texts, and watermarks that you overlay on the video can be permanently edited and placed into the media file. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • From the menu bar, go to Media > Convert / Save. [CTRL + R]
  • Click on Add, and browse and add the current video.
  • Click on Convert/Save.
    Converting Media in VLC
  • In the next step, don’t forget to choose a Destination file.
  • The default Profile should be fine. So, press Start to begin the process.
    Media Conversion Step

The watermarks that you place on the video will be permanently added.

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18 thoughts to “How to Add Logos/Watermarks over Videos in VLC Media Player”

  1. to make logo permanent:
    1) Go to the menu > ‘Tools’ > ‘Effects and Filters’ > ‘Video Effects’ > ‘Overlay’ > ‘Add logo’. Choose your image and place as you want.
    2) Go to the menu > ‘Media’ > ‘Convert/Save…’ > ‘Add’ , at this step – Choose your video file, next ‘Convert/Save’ > ‘Convert | Profile | Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4)’ configure profile > ‘Video codec’ > ‘Filters’ > check option [X] ‘Logo video filter’ > ‘Save’ > locate ‘Destination file’ > ‘Start’

  2. Hi. When I add a logo to the vido it it shown, no problem. But, saving/converting the file doesn’t merge the logo into the vido. I follow the “Making the Edits Permanent”. I have tried with text as well, same problem.

  3. Hello,
    Regarding adding logo on stream with vlc.
    When i start streaming, vlc add my logo but sometimes when jump to another media from that playlist i loose logo from streaming.
    if i close that sream logo appear again but when change file from playlist it dissapear again.
    What should i do to solve this issue?
    Thanks in advance

  4. I am streaming the video file from my system using vlc stream option to local host, then displaying the video in HTML page using Firefox browser through vkc plugin, once there is no video I want to display the my own image which us saying ‘no video’, but it’s not happening anyone can help..

  5. am not able to paste the image at different stages of the video,one image is being dragged to the whole me out

    1. This option can only be used to add a single image to a video while playing it. Multiple images cannot be used so as to display them at different intervals.

  6. I have a MacBOOK and i have to add a log on the bottom right, the tools ask me to add a URL , but i am confused how do i get that, the image is saved on my desktop .
    Thank you

  7. I’m starting a radio station that will air on
    But I was told I need vlc. I have vlc on my computer
    but do not know how to stream. It can someone help
    me or send a link on how to set it up.


    1. Well, VLC can be used to stream content over the internet. Go to Media > Stream on VLC and add the audio files that you want to stream over the internet. Your IP address and a port can be used to access the stream. This IP:PORT should probably be submitted to services like so that other people can tune in using apps like TuneIn Radio.

  8. I put a logo on my video using VLC.​ When I reopen the video in VLC, the logo works fine. But, when I open the video in Window Media Player or in Movie Maker, there is no logo! HELP!!!​

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